I am always looking for beauty. When I find it, I celebrate and relish it!  This is a practice I do without conscious effort and one that gives my life meaning.  This is also the impetus and the guiding principle for my art.  

My inspiration comes from long walks in the wildernesses of home and far away.  Some pieces come to me in a dream-like vision of color and form. Others arise from the process of painting itself.  My figurative work is inspired by a desire to explore the vast potential of embodying the female gender. 

The process of making art inspires me. Beauty inherent in art materials is an important layer of my paintings.  Each individual media (gouache, oil, charcoal, pastels, etc.) lends itself to a different technique.  I find that working with different media types informs and expands my usage of materials.  Each piece is an exploration of beauty, observed both in the process of painting and in the process of living.